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Corporations are Already Gaming the Tax System—Trump Wants to let them Pay Even Less.

In addition to giving a massive tax cut to wealthy individuals, the other half of the Trump Tax Scam is to give huge tax giveaways to corporations. These tax cuts will—just like the tax cuts on the individual side—flow almost exclusively to the wealthy.

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Here are the Tax Cuts Donald Trump Wants to Give Himself and his Millionaire Friends.

Republicans will attempt to sell their tax plan in the vaguest possible terms: “tax cuts,” “relief for small business,” “tax reform." This plan isn’t “tax reform.” It’s tax cuts for the wealthy. This document explains each of the planned tax cuts for individuals, what it is, and who it helps.

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Explainer: 6 Ways the Trump Tax Scam is Just Like TrumpCare.

The only reason why we defeated TrumpCare was because of constituent power. Hundreds of thousands of people took to town halls, held die-ins, sit-ins in congressional offices, and demanded that their Members of Congress do the right thing. The Trump Tax Scam is shaping up to look a whole lot like its health care predecessor. Here’s how we know we can defeat the Trump Tax Scam, too.

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This is the Process Republicans will use to pass the Trump Tax Scam.

Republicans are choosing to use the same broken process for the Trump Tax Scam that they tried to use for TrumpCare. That means passing a budget resolution that has reconciliation instructions for the tax scam, and then passing the tax scam bill itself. 

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How much would Trump's millionaire friends gain from his tax scam in your state?

This plan isn’t “tax reform.” It’s tax cuts for the wealthy at the expense of our communities. Find out how much by clicking on your state.