Republicans in the Ways and Means Committee in the House have passed their version of the Trump Tax Scam. But this fight is far from over. Find out how we can stop the scam.

What the Trump Tax Scam would do

We know this plan is a scam. By now it should come as no surprise that Trump can’t keep the promises he’s making to the middle class. And for the most part, the Trump Tax Scam doesn’t even try to keep his promises.

The Trump Tax Scam would give massive tax cuts to the wealthy. It’s designed that way: it lowers the tax rate for wealthy individuals and phases out or outright repeals other provisions, like the estate tax and the alternative minimum tax. That only benefits the wealthy because those taxes only affect the wealthy—and there’s nothing that benefits the middle class that isn’t wiped out by some other change the Tax Scam makes.

Just as bad, the Trump Tax Scam makes existing racial inequality even worse. The majority of the benefits of the Trump Tax Scam flow to the top 1%—a slice of the population that is 82% white but only 3% Black and 5% Latino.

Where are we now and what happens next

Now that Republicans have reported their bill out of committee, their plan is to continue using the same secretive, partisan process they tried (and failed) to use for health care. That means they’ll use “reconciliation” to pass the Trump Tax Scam through the Senate with only 51 votes.

But we can still stop them. Here’s what we expect next: 

  • Week of November 13: vote on the House floor
  • Week of November 13: mark up in the Senate Finance Committee
  • Week of November 20: vote on the Senate floor

National Day of Action on Monday, November 27

We defeated TrumpCare with massive constituent power. Defeating the Trump Tax Scam will take the same level of effort, and the stakes are just as high. Remember, the Trump Tax Scam gives massive tax breaks to the wealthy at the expense of Medicaid—just like TrumpCare would have. We can win on the Trump Tax Scam just like on TrumpCare by drawing from the same playbook.

For weeks, Indivisible groups have been showing up at congressional offices around the country to say no to #TrumpTaxScam. On Monday, November 27, our whole national network will be showing up together to say that #TrumpTaxScam would hurt our friends, our families and our country—and we’re not letting that happen without a fight. 

We are encouraging Indivisible groups to plan sit-ins at as many of their Senators’ regional offices as they can around the state. Statewide actions will be the gold standard. We’ll be sharing stories, being as visible as possible and leaving behind photos and stories of people impacted by #TrumpTaxScam for them to remember when they vote. We need everyone on board with this effort—so click here to find an event near you. Don’t see one? Click here to start your own!

Every MoC needs to hear your demand that they vote no on the Trump Tax Scam. You should call your Republican Members of Congress now and and tell them: no tax cuts for the wealthy at the expense of everyone else. Call your Democratic Members of Congress and tell them: do everything you can to prevent tax cuts for the wealthy at the expense of everyone else.

Together, we can stop massive tax cuts for the rich and corporations that would further fuel insidious racial inequality. Together we can stop Republicans from blowing up the deficit to justify cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security.  Together, we can win.

The Trump Tax Scam

Know the basics and get ready for the fight ahead.

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